Impact Stories

When it comes to giving, it’s the people who count.

Every gift to Penn State starts and ends with a person. And while we measure campaign progress by the dollar raised, we measure impact by the stories, ideas, and possibilities that exist because of giving.

Fundraising for a Greater Good

The Penn State Cancer Institute holds special meaning to Tom and Kathy Sposito, who are not only University volunteers and donors, but are also both previous patients and recipients of the Institute’s care.

“Our connection to Penn State [has] become a touchstone for our common purpose as a couple and family.”

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Ambition + Talent x Philanthropy = STEM Success

“It can be challenging as a minority student to enter the STEM fields, where you don’t often meet people who share your background or look like you.” –Ana De La Fuente Duran

Thanks to the Millennium Scholars Program and the support of Eberly College of Science alumnus Steve Mahle and his wife, Kathi Austin Mahle, Duran and other talented students from underrepresented communities are finding each other and a path to the future at Penn State.

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Stocking Shelves and Changing Lives

Across the Commonwealth, student volunteers dedicate their time to fight food insecurity at Penn State.

Hear from a few of the executives of University Park’s Lion’s Pantry who work tirelessly to make sure that among all of the challenges of being a student, going hungry isn’t one of them.

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A Global Perspective

Last spring, fourteen students in the Schreyer Honors College left the U.S. pulling suitcases of supplies for girls in Kenya and Tanzania. Three weeks later, they returned carrying experiences that would last a lifetime.

“I’ve learned how important it is to not impose my own values on other people. Different does not mean less.” Jessica Santucci ’22 Sci

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